Edustria Student Council Organization

Edustria Student Council Organization

The Edustria Student Council Organization (ESCO) is the student governing body duly elected by the student body every year. The Edustria Student Council shall be composed of the President, Vice president, Secretary, Treasurer, Public Relations officer, Stand Representatives and JHS representative.

The Edustria Student Council Organization (ESCO) aims to:

  1. Facilitate communication between students and administration, faculty, fellow students and the rest of the Edustria Community

  2. Value and Uphold students’ rights and welfare

  3. Serve as the center for planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating student activities under the guidance of the

Moderator and in coordination with the Student Affairs office.

  1. Encourage maximum student involvement in school activities

  2. Promote the spirit of camaraderie, community and harmony within and outside of Edustria High School.


Fleur-de-lis is a symbol of power and responsibility to make Edustria High School a better learning community.

The four windows of the crest contains a building, handshake, laptop and book and group of persons. It represents Edustria, the sense of community, learning and unity, respectively.

The color teal represents Edustria, while the color dark blue represents trust, dignity, and stability.

Student Council Officers