Edustria High School Flexible Learning Experience

With the COVID-19 pandemic, everyone is in the midst of extraordinary challenges and uncertainties. In these trying times, Edustria High School believes that the innate resiliency of every Filipino naturally comes out.  This inherent characteristic is what motivates the school to be more innovative in delivering education in the light of our current circumstances.  

Armed with its academic thrust of providing holistic, adaptive, resilient, and quality education, Edustria adopts a flexible learning modality, hence the term EduFLEx. This is the school’s way of responding to the challenges brought about by the pandemic. It may be a learning curve to both the school and its stakeholders but this also poses a great opportunity for independence, collaboration, responsibility, accountability, and empowerment. With these challenges, school leaders, teachers, students, and parents have a common goal: to affect and effect meaningful learning beyond the four corners of a physical classroom.

With EduFLEx, the flexibility of learning is offered to every learner. Choices of time, location, resources, teaching approaches, learning activities, and support to students are made available, removing the barriers that prevent students from learning.

What are the features of EduFLEx?

The features of EduFLEx are the following:

Well-Defined Learning Time

Students will be following a structured day-to-day learning environment.  This will ensure that the students will have ample time to focus on the lessons and finish the tasks given to them. 

Some of the basic items that are part of the schedule are the following

These periods will be done synchronously or asynchronously. 


Students who have less connectivity and no connectivity at all will still have the chance to learn through modular distance learning.  Learning modules may be in print or in digital format depending on the students’ choice and will be available for pick-up in school.

Safe and Secure

Being in an online environment, privacy issues will always be a concern.  Data privacy and child protection laws and policies, together with Edustria High School’s rules and regulations, will always be observed.

Holistic and Balanced

Edustria Senior High School believes in the holistic development of students.  As a mid-week pause from academics, WHOA Wednesdays will focus on the mental, emotional, physical, social, moral, and spiritual formation of students.  Specific activities targeting each aspect will be administered by different school personnel competent to carry out the said activities.