Michael M. Alba, PhD

Chairman, Edustria High School

President and Trustee, Far Eastern University, Inc.

Concurrently President  of  FEU Diliman, FEU Cavite, FEU Institute of Technology, FEU Alabang, FEU High School, and FEU Roosevelt, and President of the FEU Public Policy Center.


National Council of the Philippines (President)

Educational Background

Elizabeth Quirino-Lahoz, PhD

President, Edustria High School

Chairman of the Board of Directors, and President of the

Technological Institute of the Philippines or  T.I.P., where she has served since 1977.


Educational Background

Juan Miguel R. Montinola, MBA

Treasurer, Edustria High School

Chief Finance Officer, Far Eastern University, Inc.

Other Corporate Affiliations

and  Edustria Incorporated (Board Member) 

Prior Affiliations

Educational Background

Angelo Q. Lahoz, MM

Assistant Treasurer, Edustria High School

Vice Chairman of the Board of Directors and Senior Vice President of the Technological Institute of the Philippines (T.I.P.) where he has served since 2001

Founded T.I.P. Technocore, to fulfill  T.I.P.’s thrust towards Technopreneurship and Collaborative Applied Research with industry

Founded SEBI Technologies, Incorporated, the very first spin off company of T.I.P. which provides  school management solutions  to schools all over the Philippines, including Edustria

Educational Background