Our Learning Partners

Our parents are our important partners in education. They influence the values and attitudes of our learners. Here in Edustria we believe in the the power of the Home-School partnership.

As the school uses tools to educate the learners, parents work with the school to guide the learners, always with a loving heart. Like a sculpture to be presented and loved, the school and the parents work hand in hand to polish, smooth and create a learner masterpiece.

Constant communication through correspondences, webinars and seminars strengthens the link between the parents and the community, thus making the school a better place to learn, grow and thrive.

My Experience in Edustria

Erwina P. Ramores

Mom of Princess, STEM student

“Edustria High School proves to be the best choice for my daughter's high school because I've seen how my daughter is academically challenged but focused to get the goals that she wants to achieve. At the same time, she acquired character and ability development even in an online learning environment. In Edustria High School, she also encountered a wonderful community - teachers who are willing to serve the students in their questions; peers whom she created bonds with.”

Ms. Maria Margarette C. Macaraig

Mom of Maxine, STEM student

I believed FEU and T.I.P., being the mother schools of Edustria will give a good education to my child and indeed I was never wrong. When everyone is adjusting in the new normal in our education system, they never stop to improve. I am looking forward that soon my child can use the state of the art facility of Edustria. Enroll your children at Edustria for a brighter future.