Our Learning Partners

Our parents are our important partners in education.  They influence the values and attitudes of our learners.  Here in Edustria we believe in the the power of the Home-School partnership.

As the school uses tools to educate the learners, parents work with the school to guide the learners, always with a loving heart.  Like a sculpture to be presented and  loved, the school and the parents work hand in hand to polish, smooth and create a learner masterpiece.

Constant communication through correspondences, webinars and seminars strengthens the link between the parents and the community, thus making the school a better place to learn, grow and thrive.

My Experience in Edustria

Vangi Arcega

Mother of Valerie Arcega and Rhianna Arcega

Edustria High School emphasizes the importance of maintaining a healthy balance between academics and extracurricular activities. I feel happy that my children are not limited to homework and performance tasks. Their communication, social, and time management skills have improved noticeably. They now learn beyond the four walls of the classroom.

Mrs. Lilibeth Gopi

Mother of Earlyn Angel

 The teachers, classmates and the staff are friendly and approachable. More importantly, the quality of the teaching is outstanding. This school really built her confidence, making her wiser and smarter. Thank you again Edustria High School!

Rhon Altar

Father of Aaron Ludwig Altar

Aside from being nearby our place, we have been given several discounts on tuition fees. In terms of teaching and imparting knowledge, I believe with all of my heart that Edustria is the best school in our area. With their state of the art facilities, highly competent teachers and advanced technology that students can utilize I am confident that my child, with the knowledge and skills he has learned, would have an edge as he prepares to enter college.