Junior High School Program

Junior High School

Government Permit (R-IVA) No. S-1517, s. 2020

The EDUSTRIA Junior High School (JHS) program is an enriched science-oriented curriculum integrated with research and technology that will prepare its students in their pursuit for employment or higher studies in the areas of science and engineering. It envisions to equip its students to be scientifically and technologically advanced and at par with the graduates of developed countries through the following four (4) add-on subjects:

Special Science Subjects

Grade 7 - Environmental Science

This subject is enriched with activities to expose students to the reality and situation of the environment in order to help them come up with possible remediation integrated in their research subjects.

Grade 8 - Biotechnology

This subject will enable students to experience doing hydroponics, herbarium, dish gardening and some simple food processing: like making cheese, vinegar, and others as part of their practical and actual performance

Grade 9 - Consumer Chemistry and Research I

With research focusing on science investigatory project, this subject gives the students an opportunity to work independently at home in making soaps and other related processes that involve applications of chemistry principles.

Grade 10 - Electronics and Robotics and Research II

This subject engages students into advanced research to design and develop an IT application-oriented project.